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Miniconchs is a paleobiological term introduced by B.Matyja. Miniconchs are microconchs (since they often have lappets or long ventral rostra), but very small, smallest then most microconchs in the population. Since the fast-growing modern cephalopods have a different size upon reaching maturity depending of ambient temperature, we can assume that ammonoids shared the same type of development. In such cases miniconchs are shells of ammonite males (microconchs) which lived in relatively warm conditions.

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устье малявки Микроконхи Quenstedtoceras взрослели по-разному Морщинистый слой Pseudocadoceras

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A: Ammonites

M: Microconchs

А: аммониты

М: микроконхи | миниконхи

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