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asolanus camptotaeniae

Автор: bruno62

Фотогалерея: "Asolanus camptotaeniae"

Carboniferous, реконструкция, Asolanus, Bolsovian, France, plants from Liévin aera

here is a personal drawing who synthesized all data on the findings about morphogenus Asolanus, I represented the fertile part of the stem and the leaves : Sigillariodes radicans Lesquereux, of course this reconstruction are hypothetical because of the rarity of some remains of this plant belonging to lycophytes.

Фотография создана 7 июня 2012 года

Ключевые слова (тэги): Carboniferous, реконструкция, Asolanus, Bolsovian, France, plants from Liévin aera

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Hi, Bruno! Nice reconstruction! )))))

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Комментарий создан 7 июня 2012 года в 14:58:24

<a href="http://ammonit.ru/foto/23886.htm#100919">http://ammonit.ru/foto/23886.htm#100919</a>

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"In connection with the previous posts, here is a reconstruction in freehand style Asolanus , I tried to summarize the different parts of bark which are usually found like fragments, they are in general exfoliated. On my drawing I represented a fertile area according to the paper of Professor Stephan Schultka.

This representation is currently and purely hypothetical because of the paucity of data on the fertile material in Lievin basin . The sporophylls are attached directly to the stem and define a fertile area , leaf cushions aera are different than where are implanted the leaves morphogenus : Sigillarioides radicans , Lesquereux .

Much of the material collected in Lievin remaining fragments of vegetative axis , showing against imprint of bark in counter part, more rarely in part , sometimes these barks show this type of variation. Most often these axes are exfoliated and décorticated . In effect , according to purpose of Professor Stephan Schultka, these twigs decorated with diagonal striations between the leaf cushions , are explained like a characteristic,and are in fact the result of the conservation status and indicate a decortication. "

best regards


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